Urban Naxals Book – A candid speech by Hon. Minister Smt. Smriti Irani


Urban Naxals book is a book cum a story, an issue, and an internal threat – was brought in lime light by prominent film maker Mr. Vivek Agnihotri. This sensational book was launched on 27th May, 2018 at New Delhi in auspicious presence of Hon. Minister, GOI & veteran actress Mrs. Smriti Irani.

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Smriti shared her views on book, subject, author and publication house. Firstly Smriti congratulated Mr. Vivek for bringing this critical subject in everyone’s attention. Then she also congratulated Garuda publication house to show the courage of publishing book on this sensitive issue. Smriti also put stress that perhaps Mr. Vivek don’t need the mileage of this book’s success but this book has to be succeed commercially for two reasons – i) for the success of Garuda publication & 2) to win people’s attention over this sensible issue. Smriti also told that when survivals of the nation matters then no other things like Faith, cast creed, class or anything else matters.

Here, Smriti also gave a humorous touch to this subject by comparing it with current political situations. She talked about one professor who is proclaimed to be an RSS follower because he used to talk about Vedic knowledge. When that professor was confronted on this, he replied that he has been talking on Vedic knowledge since when Mr. Narendra Modi was not even PM; but after he becomes PM, he has been considered an RSS follower.

Here Smriti shared a bitter experience about her child who is studding in school and during the lecture of political science, teacher comes and asks children to share their views on politics and how BJP has damaged ethical politics. When Smriti’s child raises his hand, he was not given chance and told by teacher that being a son of BJP minister you are going to say definitely in favour of BJP. Here, Smriti’s anguish wasn’t that her child was not given chance to speak but her grief was that he was implanted with such ridiculous and bias thought process; that child was not even voter then but still he was treated that way. That child has not any political ideology and he goes to school because he just wants to study. But his teachers act such a way that it gives a message to that child that his mother belongs to such an ideology that it will make him alone from his peers. What to do with such ridiculous mindset?

Smriti very wisely revealed the reasons why people are inspired to be Naxals; she told that we are surrounded by people who enjoy putting allegation on others and when they don’t succeed at personal level then they attack on the professional front. That way they try to isolate you and ensures that isolated person is considered the paranoid one.

Here Smriti also talked about film industry where she talked that generally film is to be expected to have good business on box office or content wise good; but when some creative film maker like Vivek Agnihotri comes with creative or sensational or critical subject then why to avoid such films? Isn’t it hypocrisy? It’s an outcome of poor mentality.

She very wisely quoted an example of Harvard University that they had such professors who anonymously used to print & publish articles which used to be anti-states. So being into system they can prepare rebels. So according to her, this is not only India’s issue but it’s a global issue.  Lastly she also talked on creating a healthy and brave eco system, following positive parts of Indian democracy and thereby educated next generations so that they won’t convert into #UrbanNaxals.

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