Watch Bharat Ki Baat EP 23 – The Evolution of Indian Foreign Relations and emerging of the Global Super Power!


From significant contribution in Asia Summit, World Trade Organization, International Monetary fund, G8+5 to International Solar Alliance, the evolution of Indian Foreign Relations and India’s emergence as the Global Super Power to become the Vishwaguru is phenomenal!

The only prime Minister, rounding the Earth, rebooting Indian Foreign Relations, increasing security, thriving GDP and raising the bar of economy, the PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Aligned in a non-alignment and optimizing foreign relations, world label’s India as “The fastest growing economy”

The honorable home coming of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman from a 60hr standoff of in Pakistan, the surgical strike on Balakot, security of the Non Residential Indians on foreign lands or the ‘Videsh aaya pardesh ke dwaar’ educating Indians on Indian Foreign policies, India breaks stereo-types framing a Transactional Equivalent Retaliation!

Aligned with the Non-Alignment Policy, maintaining optimized relation with foreign countries and managing the Enemy nations simultaneously, India thrives emerging as the Global Super Power. With world’s second largest armed force; fifth largest military expenditure; sixth largest economy; regional-nuclear-global super power and an oath of Truth, Non-violence and Spirituality; India with lightning speed strikes the world to become the Vishwaguru!

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