Watch EP 19 & 20 – #BharatKiBaat – “Namami Gange!” The Anguish of Holy Ganges with Unholy Pollution!


We Indians are connected to Ganges, Socially, Spiritually, Religiously and Economically. The 2,525km long Bhagirathi, imparts Nirvana to Souls, Washing off Sins of Every Birth. But the Holy Ganga cries for Help from the persistent Unholy Pollution!

Holy Ganga, “The National River of India”, declared by Honorable Supreme Court as, “The Living Legal Entity!” according to Hindu Mythology, is believed to wash-off sins from all births and impart Nirvana. It has Self-cleansing and Healing properties. A Genomic study on the water of Ganges prove this Scientifically. Ganga water acquires Bacteriophage, the Viruses that kill the Bacteria causing Pathological Diseases. The Phage Therapy is a miraculous invention treating Drug-resistant diseases.

Where the Indian Government Urges on Cleaning Ganga water and Banks, with flagship program like “Namami Gange”; organizing the Kumbh Mela; Inventing User-friendly Application i.e. “Bhuvan Ganga App”, with which citizens can provide any information to Government or by Treating Water Pollution in CETP-Common Effluent Treatment Plant, where the effluent from Tannery, Industrial and Sewerage water are treated before discharging it to water body.

Responsible citizens of India are highly fulfilling their duties to protect and Rejuvenate their Mother River. “Phool” the ‘Help us Green Social enterprise’ promises to reduce pollution by Recycling flower waste along with preserving Religious values. Empowering abundant Rural Women, they claim to manufacture ‘Charcoal Free Incense Sticks’ in a variety of Aromas. Not only these Incense sticks help preventing water Pollution, they also prevent Green House Gases to enter our Respiratory Track.

नमामि गंगे I तव पाद पंकजम सुरसुरैर्वन्दित दिव्य रूपं । भुक्तिम च मुक्तिम च ददासि नित्यं भावनु सारेण सदा नराणाम ॥ Rivers are worshipped as ‘Mother’ in India. Will we continue Polluting our Mother, our life-line, our Holy Ganga River persistently? Our Rivers are our Responsibilities. Let us save our Holy Ganga River, because if Ganga dies, India dies, if Ganga thrives, India thrives. Har Har Gange!

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