Watch India First EP 11: Rahul Gandhi’s Congress and Imran Khan’s PTI; Enemy’s Enemy turn Friends?


Isn’t it Strange that Pakistan’s Media, Pakistan’s Parliament, Pakistan’s narrative Builders and Intellectuals; quote Rahul Gandhi, Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai; in their tweets, as if they are Buddies?

Certain lobby lead by Congress party involving Media, Intellectuals, Liberals, and those calling themselves Ecosystem; are always searching for Loop-holes in Modi Government. They are always in urge to hit-the-nerve of the Right wing activists, the Hindu society and the Ruling Government.

Pakistan, the Incubator of Terrorism, the nurturer of Terrorist Camps, Refuging In-human troupes of Assassinators, assassinating young and old innocent Indian Bloods. How humiliating it is, that India’s own Intellectuals backstab India, and shake hands with enemy camp; engaging in Politically Diplomatic, terrorist and Military wars; to impair India, Economically, Politically and Culturally.

India phases a tough time of overall Development. Where the Indian Arm Forces Secure the Borders, it is our Duty to protect the Roots of India; Nurturing it Economically, Politically and Culturally, to make India the “Vishwaguru”. Because India First!

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