Heart Attack or Assassination? Unknown facts linked to former PM Shastri’s Mysterious Death.


Prime Minister of India dies Oversea, after signing the Tashkent Agreement; his body returns India wrapped in tri-color, blue and swollen with traces of Blood. What kind of Cardiac Arrest causes body to bleed?

Kuldip Nayar, an Indian journalist, syndicated columnist, human rights activist, author, left-wing political commentator and former High Commissioner wrote in his column for Outlook India magazine that; “When I returned from Tashkent, Lalita Shastri asked me why Shastri’s body had turned blue. I replied: “I am told that when bodies are embalmed, they turn blue.” She then inquired about “certain cuts” on Shastri’s body. I did not know about those because I had not seen the body. Even so, her remark that no post-mortem had been conducted either at Tashkent or Delhi startled me. It was indeed unusual. Apparently, she and others in the family suspected foul play. A few days later, I heard that Lalita Shastri was angry with the two personal assistants who had accompanied Shastri because they had refused to sign a statement which alleged that Shastri did not die a natural death.”
An RTI by Kuldip Nayar for a document on Shastri’s death was also reportedly declined by Prime Minister’s Office.

In his column, Kuldip Nayar also gave out details about the aftermath of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s mysterious death. He revealed that Shastri’s family members were convinced there was a foul play in his death.

He wrote, “As days passed, the Shastri family became increasingly convinced that he had been poisoned. In 1970, on October 2 (Shastri’s birthday), Lalita Shastri asked for a probe into her husband’s death. The family seemed to be upset that Jan Mohammed, T.N. Kaul’s cook at the time, had cooked the food, not Ram Nath, his own personal servant. This was strange as the same Jan Mohammed had prepared food for Shastri when he visited Moscow in 1965.”

Nayar further wrote about how after many years, he asked Morarji Desai about his take on Shastri’s death. Nayar wrote, “Following newspaper reports, the old guard Congress party supported the demand for a probe into Shastri’s death. I asked Morarji Desai towards the end of October 1970 whether he really believed that Shastri did not die a natural death. Desai said: “That is all politics. I am sure there was no foul play. He died of a heart attack. I have checked with the doctor and his secretary, C.P. Srivastava, who accompanied him to Tashkent.”

Also then acting PM Gulzarilal Nanda and former PM Indira Gandhi denied the request of Shastri’s Family for an official Postmortem. “Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan” slogan by Shastriji, that motivated India during Indo-Pak War. When his wife insisted on engraving it on his Samadhi, Indira Gandhi denied of it. Lalita Shastri went on a fasting Strike for four days. Public pressure increased, so Gandhi agreed, and threatened her to seal her mouth and stay aback, offering a house and a car. The investigation for the death of India’s PM was done in a small Police station in Delhi. 50 years to it and truth of the biggest cover-up has been denied to his family and India.

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