Watch EP-10 – ‘Social Justice’ the Religion of India, ‘Swadharma Ki Baat’, with Pallavi Joshi


The Statue of Unity, 597 feet high colossal statue of Indian Iron Man, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, highly respected for integrating 554 princely states to Unite India. Social Justice is Karma, Dharma and Religion of India.

Inspirational stories of: Padmashree Sitavva Jodatti, social activist protesting for Madrasi Devdasi Act; Kriti Bharti, Social Activist protesting against Child Marriages.

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  • Steps of Government to Safeguard Women Rights; have empowered Women of India, providing them Equal Rights to Social Justice.
  • Women Empowerment, Protection against Exploitation at workplace, Protection against Domestic Violence, Protection against Molestation; with confidential investigations, zero FIR ruling, FIR registration via Email, no arrest before Sunrise and after Sunset, have increased the safety of Women in India.
  • Government Campaigns like Save Girl Child (Beti Bachao), Educate Girl Child (Beti Padhao), Female Foeticide; have improved the Child sex Ratio.
  • Supreme Court passed Revolutionary laws like: Death Penalty for Child Rape Under the age group of 0-12 years; Triple Talaq as Unconstitutional, to Empower Muslim Women; Ban on Child Marriages.

Social Justice is an Ecosystem to be nurtured by Government and Individuals, where Government play role of a father and Individuals play the role of an Obedient child. Atman, Karma, Dharma, Moksha; this is India’s Belief System. Social Justice is the Religion of India.

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