India first Ep-05: Vivek speaks on Hindu Charter


It is said that a significant picture is worth thousand words; yesterday I came across such a picture which I cannot resist myself to share with you all.  Have a look beneath:

I shared this picture because most of the times we come across people who are in above situation. But today I would like to natter about a person who never fails establishing above connection before speaking. The famous filmmaker, brave orator and the newest author of best seller title #UrbanNaxals, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri speaks on India First platform on very sensitive subject –Hindu Charter.

In his video, Vivek starts with talking about the world’s most ancient, vibrant and stile subsisted civilization – Hindu Civilization – which is also one of the most liberal civilizations. Vivek here takes reference of past 1000 years where minorities have ruled this country and knowingly – unknowingly there were commotions in the social equality and equilibrium. Post independence the efforts were made to bring those disadvantaged, weaker, minorities, etc people into the main stream; but the calculations went wrong; why Vivek said so? What is his view point on this? Watch out his full video here on other such narratives too –

Vivek also talks on inequality faced by Hindus on various levels due to some political propaganda to create their vote banks. Therefore Vivek beautifully talked on the Hindu Charter which includes the following sensitive affairs.

Equal rights to Hindus, Repeal FCRA act, Freedom of religion act, Abrogation of article 370, Ban on export of Beef, Establish CPSU, New citizenship Act Bill & Indian languages.

Vivek lastly preaches to think for nation first and then anything else because nation is above all; India First.

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