Why we should never try to be complete?


I was visiting an automobile factory once. It was a huge floor and a massive assembly line. As I moved along, there were various units making different parts. All parts complete on their own. Yet, they were incomplete without merging with other parts. The workers in each unit, after testing the part, would write ‘Complete. OK’ report and send it to next section in the assembly line. For them, they finished the job without realising that it was just a work in progress as their part was just a part of a larger scheme. Until the part moved ahead in the assembly line and fit into the overall car, it was just a part of the whole.

When a car was fully fitted and ready to roll on the road, the entire unit celebrated for completing the job. Though it appeared to be a ‘job complete’ to them, the car was still a job in progress because it had no utility till the time someone drove it. What seemed like the ‘whole’ few seconds ago, was incomplete without a buyer.
The manager told me “Our job is complete once a buyer picks it up’. How true it sounded. But in reality, once the buyer owns the car, it becomes just one of the things in his life. Slowly, it wears out and is sent to a car graveyard. From where it is picked up, broken into parts and recycled. The iron is sent back to automobile factory to be fitted into another car. And the cycle goes on.

Nothing in this cosmos is complete. Everything is a part of a larger scheme. All schemes part of a much larger scheme. And so on. Anyone who thinks he/she can ever arrive at a point of ‘achieving’ or ‘accomplishment’ has no idea about his/her own existence.

We are never complete. We never arrive anywhere. There is no destination. We are just a part of an assembly line called ‘brahman’ – the Cosmos.

Flow in the cycle of cosmic consciousness, like ‘work in progress’, never ever trying to be complete. Be #AmBuddha.

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