Your success depends on whether you are growing or co-growing


Have you ever walked in a forest? Forest is an amalgamation of diverse tress, bushes, grass, vines and other flora and fauna with different purposes. Yet, they co-grow. Size doesn’t matter. Utility doesn’t matter. Every organism is inter dependent and every particle of the forest knows that they can grow only when others grow.
I have always been in people’s business. Sometimes I meet hundreds of people in a day. Some come close. Some remain distant. Some become demanding. Some become liabilities. Some become energy-drainers. But very few become long-lasting, durable and permanent. Relationships which have really added value in my life over a very long period of time are with those who helped me grow without wanting anything in return. This unconditional giving makes me also realise that if I don’t nourish these relationships then I won’t grow.

It’s the mutual; concern for each other’s growth that has created a small forest in my life, full of people of different dimensions. My forest is forever growing because we do not drain each other. Instead, we water each other. Now, our roots are intermingled and interconnected in such a way that our forest can withstand any kind of storm.

But forests which are connected from roots, even storms don’t cross them.

Help your friends co-grow with you. Because that is the only way to grow yourself. My mantra is “I water you, you water me, we never drain each other. We just grow’. Follow this mantra and be #iAmBuddha

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