Vivek Agnihotri unbolts on Naxalism on launch of #UrbanNaxals at Hyderabad


Vivek Agnihotri, Filmmaker & Author, opens up in Hyderabad on the occasion of launching of his brain child #UrbanNaxals. Vivek spoke about the Naxalism in Naxal valley where people started this movement actually with help of arms and violence to recapture the lands of landless farmers and villagers. It is now days not has been restricted to land or some other resource, but it is the scenario of change. As Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”; Vivek re-verbalizes that how change will come if nobody wants to change. It is all about the radial thoughts in peoples’ minds; #UrbanNaxals is actually all about the rebel against the system.

To listen to Vivek how does he define #UrbanNaxals, check out the full video of his speech here at the occasion of the book launch – #UrbanNaxals –

Mr. Vivek also talked about the connection of Naxalism with Andhrapradesh and anti-social activities that took place there. Mr. Vivek also told in depth how system in his times gave least opportunities to youth. Mr. Vivek then talked about the political Naxals and about the leftist who have always been ruling the Indian central thinking.

There are many more interesting narratives and elaborations are captured in the speech and in wonderful book #UrbanNaxals. To know more about the book #UrbanNaxals and to get your copy, click on this link –

#UrbanNaxals is also available on Amazon, Flip kart and major book-stores.


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