Fastest Best Seller title #UrbanNaxals whacks Chennai with its sensational Narrative


#UrbanNaxlas – a brain child of newest author & veteran filmmaker Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, is on its nationwide journey and during this journey the fastest best seller title #UrbanNaxals hits Chennai with its sensational narratives on biggest internal security threat.

This subject has attracted many intellectuals to come forward and verbalize liberally on this sensitive issue. During the promotion of #UrbanNaxals in Chennai, a social & political commentator Banu Gomes shared her views on #UrbanNaxals. To listen to her views on this narrative watch.

On this occasion, the professor of IIT – Chennai, Mr. Jyotirmaya Tripathy also grabbed this opportunity to share his views on launch of #UrbanNaxals at Chennai. Mr. Tripathy divided his entire speech in three parts, one part related to larger issues in alignment with the book #UrbanNaxals; second part about his own journey and his own experience about Naxalism and third part is to find the answers of those issues. To listen to what Mr. Tripathy has said about these 3 parts and a sensational best seller book #UrbanNaxals watch.

Mr. Tripathy took the reference of movie Buddha in traffic, Jam which was made by veteran filmmaker and author of #UrbanNaxals, on the same theme. He told about the salvation of the suppressed tribes and their fundamental rights. He proclaimed that this narrative is a very courageous text personified by veteran filmmaker and newest author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri. It exposes the fear of those so called intellectuals who now feel that the ground under their feet is shaken.

To know about many such narratives, click on the link above to listen to him; if you want to explore the narrative of the book #UrbanNaxals then get your copy by clicking this link –

#UrbanNaxals is also available on Amazon, Flip kart and major book-stores.



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