Bangalore warmly welcomes #UrbanNaxals


#UrbanNaxals – sensational narrative, a critical affair and biggest internal threat has born as a book. Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, a prominent filmmaker, a brave orator and the newest author has come out with his brain child – #UrbanNaxals. The book has been successfully launched in Delhi and since then it has been spreading through digital and physical mediums throughout the nation. The author of #UrbanNaxals Mr. Vivek Agnihotri has been on the book tour across the nation.

As part of this tour, he has been to Bangalore; Bangalore gave him & his book @UrbanNaxals unparalleled response. This promotional event for @UrbanNaxals was huge success and it has succeeded in gathering colossal human merriment in Bangalore for more than 2 hours. Mr. TV Mohandas Pai has delivered the exhilarating speech and addressed enormous multitude and did not let them move even an inch for two hours.

The entire perspective of this event was to spread the narrative of this book #UrbanNaxals which is to take the Hindu civilisation, called Bharat or India to the heights it truly deserves

To know more about book #UrbanNaxals, you must read it.

If you have still not read this book then order your copy here by clicking this link –

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