Vivek Agnihotri addresses people in Chennai on his latest best seller #UrbanNaxals


The experimenter filmmaker, the courageous orator and the newest author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri is on his nationwide book tour to endorse his book #UrbanNaxals. Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, as a part of his India tour, visited Chennai and addressed people there.

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He started his talk with acknowledging the NGO & publication house that supported him in this endeavour. He also talked about his NGO #IamBuddha being run by his wife & him. Mr. Vivek told that there is not a distribution channel available for this sensational and critical book so he had to take a decision to go on a nationwide tour to promote his book and spread his narrative. He was also astonished that his book #UrbanNaxals will be out of stock within 5 days of launch and went to reprint. According to the sources this book has secured the 2nd rank in political segment and over all 22nd rank in the list of best seller titles. Mr. Vivek strongly believes that this would have been possible not because it was his story but because it is the story of the common, unnoticed citizen of India who doesn’t dwell in posh areas of a metro but who lives in small villages in remote areas of India; Such areas where Electricity, railway line, drinking water, etc are still burning issues.

Mr. Vivek Agnihotri here took reference of Deewar movie to explain his narrative on teachers. He talks how Shashi Kapoor was preached by a teacher to perform his duty in unbiased and way and therefore we compare teachers with god in Indian culture.

Mr. Vivek elaborated this point by giving his own example that how Naxals provoke students. Mr. Vivek’s father used to be celebrated Sanskrit scholar, a die-hard Gandhian who wore khadi all over his life; his both of the parents were freedom fighters and stayed back in Jail for 3-4 years each; so how come their son – Vivek became half Naxal in his college days? The reason is the teachers and professors who take them into confidence that they are living into rotten system and only way to get rid of it is violence and abolish the state; and thereby people become anti-Indian.

Mr. Vivek Agnihotri tried giving a crisp fraction about the wonderful book. To know more about it, you must read it.

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