Shastri Brothers Dilemma; “Who Killed Lal Bahadur Shastri?”


Where Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Tashkent Files” is to release on 12th of April, the Shastri Brothers expressed their Dilemma towards “Who Killed their father: Dynast, Political Party or Heart Attack?

Anil Shastri, the Senior Congress leader and Sunil Shastri, Senior BJP leader, in a one-one conversation with media, poured upon the Oceans of Suppressed Emotions, about their father, Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Suspicious death in Tashkent, right after signing the Tashkent Agreement.

On asking Sunil Shastri about his father, he said, he was 15 years old when his father passed away. He believes his father was ‘killed’ and his death was not a natural one. He claimed, “YB Chavan, then acting defense minister stated a white-lie about Shastriji’s death in the Parliament” On asking, whether the Congress Party betrayed his father, or if he wants to pass them a message via Media, he chose not to answer. He expressed his sentiments saying “The one who died that night was not an ordinary man, he was the prime minister of India.”

Anil Shastri, who was 17 years old when his father passed away, conveyed, there was “gross negligence” on ministry’s part in taking care of Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent.  The senior Congress leader said, “The possibility of a heart attack and murder have equal chances”. He briefed, that his father was kept in a dacha (villa) away from rest of the delegation and there was no bell or buzzer in his room, also he was left in the hands of a junior doctor, where no aid was available for him in the villa. In response to an RTI filed in connection with Shastri’s death in 2009, the PMO said that “making the document public could harm foreign relations”.  He questioned “The prime minister died in a foreign land, India should have made a request to the host country to conduct a post-mortem. Why was the request not made?”

On asking about Shastri-Bose connection, as per the Movie Trailer, the Shastri brothers denied of it, saying, the person may resemble Bose, but was not. As Bose was older that Shastri and the one in photograph seemed to be much younger in age. On being questioned about whether the family was approached by the filmmakers, they replied in affirmation, but reserved their comments till the release of film.

Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Tashkent Files” is sure to Unravel many political Secrets and Cover-ups of this Colossal Democracy!

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