Vivek Agnihotri rebutts Barkha Dutt & exposes her fake narrative


Journalism can never be silent: That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.”
— Henry Anatole Grunwald

The above lines are fair enough to tell the importance of the Rationale Journalism. I intestinally used this term – Rational Journalism – because today what we are witnessing is not the journalism, it’s rather has been the commercialization of news, polarization of news agencies and materialism of facts to be manipulated & benefited from. In this chaotic time the essence of the Rationale Journalism is on the edge of fatality.

On this, famous filmmaker, author & public intellectual Mr. Vivek Agnihotri recently shared one video where he was found rebutting a famous journalist Barkha Dutt on her fake narratives. Watch Vivek’s full video here how does he exposes Barkha Dutt for malpracticing on Journalism –

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Barkha Dutt, as a columnist & journalist has been portraying India in a completely undesired and unwanted manner; in her columns, videos and articles Barkha shows India in the bad light. However there is a freedom of expression, one should use it rationally.

In a recent video article of Barkha, she proclaimed that Urban Naxals don’t exist and she criticized Vivek for his narrative and also proclaimed that naxalism is just Vivek’s imagination. On this, Vivek shared one video; in his video, Vivek instigates Barkha first that if according to her, urban naxals don’t exist and it’s just Vivek’s imagination then why she was so rattled? Vivek further advises Barkha, that being a journalist it was her duty that if she found Vivek untruthful then she could have done in depth research, intense investigation and then expose Vivek including all those people who come out these theories like urban naxals.

Vivek also took reference of NSA Mr. Dobhal, think tanks who are very much serious on counter terrorism. Vivek instigated Barkha about the incident that a 4 month child is killed & his intestines were opened and then he was buried in front of his parents, being journalists why you people did not report them? Wasn’t it an act of naxals? Why you people are not going to Bastar and report how innocent tribal are killed? Have you ever tried to investigate the roles of such intellectuals, professors, journalists?

Vivek very bluntly and bravely showed mirror to Barkha Dutt that she isn’t a journalist anymore; she just uses her profession to play a victim card.  Vivek further said Barkha that she has failed exposing India’s enemies which are Urban Naxals; however as a journalist it was her duty, her job. Vivek here beautifully said that journalists like you when failed performing your job, he has decided 10 years ago taking up this job and he has successfully done that.

He depicted entire scenario through his film Buddha in a Traffic Jam, through his book #UrbanNaxals and through his various columns.

Watch out the full video how Vivek Agnihotri has been fighting against urban naxals in his own way.

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