Why can’t we understand the value of something without losing it?


I have noticed that most privileged people are also the biggest complainers. They constantly complain about politics, society and the world at large. They are never happy with what they have. Even in film industry I have sen the most successful and secured stars have longest lists of complaints.

Once I was shooting with a big actress. She had complaints about almost everything. The expensive suite that producers gave her, the S class Mercedes, the time taken to reach the sets, costumes, production, direction, marketing… you name it and she had issues. Once I got to know her and as she opened up about her background I learnt that she hadn’t struggled for anything. She got them easily. And therefore, she couldn’t value them. Then her career took a downward curve and she started losing things… films, fame, respect, bouquets on birthday… boyfriends… friends and fans. Sometime back I bumped into her at a party and I met a different person… humble, warm and someone who valued relationships and the value of everything.

This is not a unique story. All of us go through such realisations. We value our parents when we are far away from them. The comfort of our home, the warmth of our hometown, the taste of mother’s food… all the small, insignificant things become most precious only when we don’t have them.

I believe, little scarcity in life is important. The abundance is very harmful for it handicaps us from. Valuing the beauty, love, warmth and emotions that are crucial for a good living.

Let me share a story which someone sent me and makes complete sense.

एक राजा अपने लश्कर के साथ नाव में लौट रहा था..
राजा ने कुछ गुलाम भी खरीदे थे जो उसी नाव में लौट रहे थे.
जैसे ही नाव चली तो एक गुलाम डर के मारे चिल्लाने लगा क्यों की वो कभी नाव में बैठा नहीं था.
परेशान राजा ने वजीर से कहा की इसे चुप कराओ..

राजा की बात सुनके वजिर ने उसे चुप कराने का प्रयत्न किया और ना चुप रहने पर आखिर कार उसे पानी में फेंक दिया.
फिर वजीर ने कहा इसे पानी से निकालो, पानी से निकाल ने के बाद गुलाम चुप बैठ गया.
राजा ने कहा वजीर ये क्या माजरा है, गुलाम एकदम से चुप कैसे बैठ गया.. वजीर ने कहा जहापनाह ये गुलाम नाव में सुरक्षित बैठने का आराम और पानी में डूबने की तकलीफ नहीं जानता था,
जब इसे पानी में फेंका गया तब इसे समझ में आया की नाव में सुरक्षित बैठना क्या होता है..

Possess less than what you need. Learn to take care of things which matter. Value everything that the world offers. Everything. Be #IAmBuddha

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