Why do the secrets of this cosmos lie in a zero?


In Hindu philosophy, zero not only has a mathematical relevance but it’s also the nucleus of all spirituality.

This world is full of possibilities, choices, variety and diversity. If you sit down to calculate the permutations of these choices, your mind will start spinning faster than a whirlpool and eventually it will suck you in. This is why an ordinary life is spent in struggling with these infinite choices. An average man doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. A worldly mind is always confused with the immense choices and variety the world offers. This is why the thoughts are so fleeting.

In fact, a man’s biggest enemy are his thoughts. A constant chaos of thoughts. More a man sees, more he experiences, more he learns, more he possesses, more his thoughts enslave him, suffocate him. He tries everything… religion, books, temples, black magic, philosophy, shrinks, alcohol, sex, money…. ashrams, gurus but the whirlpool of thoughts, memories and worries never let him be in peace.

Hindu sages understood this chaos. They realised that all pain, suffering, agony and despair comes from never knowing what should one want. They invented the concept of nothingness. When you free your mind from all the worldly choices, when there is no thought, when there is only you and the breath, you assume the state of nothingness. The infinite vacuum. in this absolute absence of thought, where there is stillness, no movement, no going anywhere, no seeking, no want, no need… in this state of Zero, the man finds the ultimate peace. The ultimate realisation. The ultimate truth. The real world.

Nothingness is not the end of the world. It’s the opening to everything. Be in a state of nothingness. Experience oneness. Be #IAmBuddha

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