What is success? Big… more… large… is that success?


Is success a big corporate job? Big salary? Big power? If that’s success than how come there is someone else always ahead of you? Does that makes you less successful?

Big… more… large… is that success? Can success be quantified?

Anything which can be quantified can not be success. Because in that case only infinity is the real success… which is never ending. Is success a scam created by capitalism so that greedy consumers keep producing in order to consume more and more and eventually die with over-consumption.

Let’s look at this model.

First they fit you in a box, then ask you to think outside that box.

That thinking outside the box becomes the box.

Why not simply demolish the damn box.

No box. No comparison. No quantity. No destination.

Now see the world. Feel the air. Just be yourself.

This is real success. Demolishing the box.

A child explores everything. He is aware of everything. Adults aren’t. We are always telling a child what not to do. In fact one child I knew had started believing that his name was NO. This is how we train children. By stopping them. Curbing them from free thought. And that’s how we tame them and make their minds dull and call that dullness ‘a box’. Then we ask them to come ‘out of the box’.. only to go back in the same box. Like a dog in a kennel. A bird in a cage. A lion in a zoo. A human trapped in ‘quantification’ of life.

We are born with DNA of millions of years. Human evolution is full of violence. That’s why death and birth are both violent acts. When born, the child cries. It’s his new chance to make something out of this world. Then he laughs, dances, runs and plays. We ask him to stop all that. We make him dull. We make him uncreative. Uncreative mind thinks of violence. This implanted violence makes him feel unsuccessful… psychologically, financially, socially, emotionally. That’s why most of the people have sad stories. All the inspirational quotes and emphasis on loving each other is a proof of that.

We are born with love, creativity and content. Then we destroy it. Then we ask to love. Synthetically. This constant pressure to become someone which you used to be makes us mentally stressed, anxious and violent. If you observe the religions or societies which have too many restrictions are generally violent. Dogs which are chained are often violent.

This suppressed violence and dullness of mind makes us want ‘more… more… more’… more education, more rooms, more money, more security, more beautiful… and so on. No wonder, we live in an over communicated world. We are living in an ALL CAPITALS world.

But the real success lies in finding freedom from ‘more’. The power of slow thinking, less knowledge, less information and minimal communication.

Buddha left the world. He did not communicate. He had a lot but he made everything less. Because less is more.

When you don’t have possessions is when you are absolutely free. The mind has space for the ‘new’. Only in that freedom mind can observe, seek, absorb, understand and find the real purpose of life.

in the discovery of that purpose lies the real success.

Believe in less. Be #IAmBuddha

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