Be controlled by life, not media


I spent most of my life learning from books, essays and media. Because everyone told me so. Everyone around me was learning from media.

Slowly, all my beliefs, my opinions, likings and overall ideology became a reflection of the kind of media I was exposed to.

There came a time when media started inviting me for debates. Slowly, I learnt that this was all a staged drama. A scripted show. There was no genuine news. No informed opinions. The famous and eminent journalists were actually mouthpieces of their corporate bosses. No wonder, with jobs, their ideologies also changed. The famous anchor known for bashing one party became their servant the moment he was financed by one of the party members.

Also, the media we so heavily depend on has no touch with the real, common people, their sentiments, their aspirations, their concerns. It doesn’t spend even one penny on R&D. The quality of their reporters is so mediocre that it’s unbelievable.

That’s when I stopped all newspapers and disconnected cable TV from our house. And, slowly, our lives changed. Our children started getting their worldview from the real world and not sponsored by a corporate. We started some quality time with each other. We looked at the world from an unbiased view. We discovered the magic of life which is positive, constructive and creative. We discovered diversity and beauty all around.

Today, my life is governed by my life. My thoughts are a reflection of my world. I am me. Not a sponsored version of a manipulative media.

And I am loving it.

We all are worried about the hacking of our SM accounts. What about the hacking of our minds by the media.

Love life and be controlled by it. Be #IAmBuddha

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