Vivek Agnihotri confronts with youth on immoral Political Practices by leftists


The famous filmmaker and newest author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri recently visited Ranchi where visited a cultural festival and involved in an intense brainstorming session where so much healthy discussion happened.

In this event, Vivek Agnihotri got a chance to interact the youth for 3 days and the youth asked him why the discourse of Indian politics is deteriorating day by day.  In accordance to their question, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri informed students that if they might have observed the prime opposition party Congress along with its IT cell has been involved in the entirely unscrupulous practices which includes using slang language, abusing the prime minister, broadcasting wrong videos and other such things. Up to some extent having the rivalry and using media, social media, IT cell, etc are ok to promote oneself & accuse on the opponents; but now the time has come where the boundary has to be defined for practicing such things.

Here, Mr. Vivek also talked on the agitation that has come up suddenly; in times of mainstream media the communication was one sided but since birth of the social media people got a platform to express their views and opinions; but the major challenge was there was authentication part which was missing badly and that has disrupted the social equilibrium. Vivek strongly said that being the part of reputed political party, being the leader of opposition or being into an influential role in the affairs of state – one has to be very cautious, alert and rational while making any statements, allegations or announcements.

One has to perform extra care while doing the discourse when you represent the nation; in such things media has also worked as catalyst. Media has to act like a filter but it has also failed while serving its own purpose of getting TRP; in such case, being a true citizen of the country we have to use the social media so effectively and responsibly for widespread awakening – because ultimately INDIA is first above all.

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