Vivek Agnihotri’s viral ‘open letter’ to Bharatwasi


Dear fellow Bharatwasi,

They want to block my handle. They want to block my voice. They have always blocked the voice which has questioned their doctrine. They have used each trick, that the evil knows of, to destroy those who speak for Bharat.

They isolated many from Patel to Ambedkar to Shashtri to Deendayal Upadhyaya to volunteers in Kerala to the common man of India who takes pride in his land, its history and its culture. They ridicule soldiers who protect us. They kill those innocent adivasis who question them.

They block & intellectually lynch those who are rooted in this land & fight for their dignity. They keep the caste issue burning to run their shops. They create chaos, conflict, division. They are communal. They have designs to derail Bharat’s growth. They are the new colonisers.

They have always been a minority but they ruled us, looted us and eventually divided us. Strangely, for last 1200 yrs India has been ruled by minorities. Even after freedom a minority of few people’s family ruled us. In these years India has bled and got divided many times.

For the first time, India is ruled by its own people. And they can’t tolerate this. That’s why they are seeing intolerance everywhere and are getting so violent. That’s why they want to stop the success story of Bharat, to prove their point that without them we can’t survive.

They want bloodbath in this land of peace. It’s my conviction, this time they shall be defeated. Because the time of an Indic renaissance, as visualised by Sri Aurobindo, and great thinkers, has come. This is neither about political parties or political power. This is about us.

This renaissance will be born out of the womb of Bharat. Not India.
This is a war between a billion people and a minority of Bharat’s enemies. This is a battle of dharma where it will be decided whether we can stand up and defend ourselves and our great Civilization or not?

A new Sun is waiting to emerge and shine equally on this land. This dharmyudh may not be visible in media. It’s not written about by anyone. But I travel. I meet lots of young people. And I know silently, without any materialistic weaponry, they are fighting with their merit.

The time has come to shine, again.
It’s time we ‘end the delusion’s sleep and behold the dawn, having slept long in Kaliyuga’s moonless nights’. These young warriors, who fight selflessly, need blessings of all those who share the same dream and have same dharma.

सत्यमेव जयते।

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