Gareebon ka Economist Ashutosh Muglikar confronts Vivek Agnihotri on #UrbanNaxals


#UrbanNaxals has spread its magic all over and because of the criticality of the subject; it has attracted people and intellectuals across the globe. The newest author Vivek Agnihotri has been in fame because of his brain child and fastest & newest best seller title #UrbanNaxals.

Recently, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, the author of #UrbanNaxals found on internet talking to Ashutosh Muglikar, also known as Gareebon ka economist and a legal consultant by profession. They both interacted on Vivek Agnihotri’s book #UrbanNaxals. Click here to listen & watch their full conversation:

Ashutosh Muglikar initiated asking the definition or understanding of term #UrbanNaxals. He asked, does Vivek Agnihotri consider them #UrbanNaxals who don’t agree with Vivek Agnihotri on his views on several matters? Being into film industry, he had freedom to choose any other subject, what made Vivek to choose this subject #UrbanNaxals and come in form of a book & a movie? Further Ashutosh Muglikar also asked how a Naxals used to liberal, anti-Hindu and also associated with Media?

There are many such interesting & sensitive questions which Ashutosh Muglikar asks Vivek Agnihotri. Watch out the video to know what Vivek Agnihotri answers.

Moreover, there are many more interesting narratives and elaborations captured in wonderful book #UrbanNaxals. To know more about the book #UrbanNaxals and to get your copy, click on this link –

#UrbanNaxals is also available on Amazon, Flip kart and major book-stores.

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