Vivek Agnihotri’s motivating speech at iconic Sabarmati Grounds, JNU


The iconic Sabarmati ground at JNU has witnessed the motivating speech of famous film-maker, author & orator Mr. Vivek Agnihotri. Mr. Vivek Agnihotri started with superb lines that he doesn’t belong to leftist wing or rightist wing; he belongs to only one wing & that’s India. Vivek recalled his journey how he came to metro city Delhi from a small town of MP and how he had been isolated ideologically.

There are many interesting narratives, thought provoking ideas in Mr. Vivek Agnihotri’s motivating speech. To listen to him and watch his entire speech.

In his speech, Mr. Vivek sarcastically recalled an incident that NDTV journalist / anchor Pranav Roy was interviewing 4 successful start ups of India like OLA, Paytm, etc wherein he asked Paytm owner Mr. Vijay Shekhar that was the major hurdle for you during your journey; Mr. Vijay Shekhar responded that that was the English language, but the moment I went to USA my problem solved because there nobody cared whether I know English or not. Here, Mr. Vivek put his point that in India a talented youth also has to struggle fighting against the English & English mindset and ultimately his/her 10-15 years are ruined.

Here Mr. Vivek rips apart the so called sophisticated mindset of some people where he quotes some of the famous filmmakers who caught telling in interview that they won’t hire people speaking regional languages and wearing traditional dresses like kurta payjama. Because of this mindset today situation is that if you are among people who speaks regional language, respect parents, your culture and if you are proud of your country then many doors of opportunities are closed for you. Bollywood & Corporate sectors have been tougher for to get enter for young, bright talented people only because they don’t fit into that mindset.

Vivek also talks about his experience teaching in one of the best business school in Hyderabad and his experience of mentoring his students while filmmaking on Naxalism. Vivek also talked on two faces of youth – one who believes in breaking entire nation bases on castes & groups, doing riots, burn busses and throwing stones on assemblies where as the other part is working very hard in India and outside India to make the nation proud. It is entirely your choices that which face of youth you want to represent.

Vivek was in full form in talking about various other narratives too wherein he touched Indian constitution – how socialism, secularism added into Indian constitution and how we murdered Indian democracy.

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