One of the most successful short films – Mohammed & Urvashi


Can a non-commercially movie be a big hit? Can a sensational subject reach to heart of viewers? Can a short film become One of the most successful short films that it manages to get millions of views?

All above answers can be yes if the film is – Mohammed & Urvashi and the maker is prominent film maker Mr. Vivek Agnihotri.

The short film Mohammed & Urvashi, after its online release on 25th April, 2018, has become a sensational one. The prominent film maker, wise thinker, newest author & brave orator Mr. Vivek Agnihotri has made an experiment through this film; he has been successful in depicting a story of a god fearing man who himself is a unique character. Vivek Agnihotri, as a director, has added so many tastes in this short film i.e. good v/s wicked, man v/s nature, man v/s himself and so on. The subject of this film & its presentation has made it so special.

Vivek Agnihotri says, “When God fails, the devil takes over”; what did he mean by that? Is lead character in a movie devil? Or he is just a sconce of devil? How God has failed? Or God can really fail? There are so many such questions and to find out their answers, you must need to watch this splendid short film – Mohammed & Urvashi which has won many awards in various categories as mentioned below:

  • Best Actor (Calcutta International cult film festival 2017, 7th Dada Saheb Phalke film festival 2017, 6th Delhi shorts international film festival 2017, 6th Kolkata shorts international film festival 2017)
  • Best Cinematography (6th Bangalore shorts film festival -2017)
  • Best Editor (AAB International film festival 2017; global impact film festival 2017)
  • Best Short film (winner – London International film awards 2017);

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