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This unique story becomes unique because of its astounding sequences that take places in Mohammed’s life. Mohammed is a persuaded devotee of Allah and believes in 100% surrender to him; but at the same time, being a common human being, he is also a slave of natural human weaknesses.

In the beginning, Mohammed by mistake Hits an ant and repents a lot as he sees reflection of almighty in each creature and he thinks he has committed a major sin by hitting an ant. So he declares himself a sinner and narrates his sin on the wall, urge almighty very frequently for clemency. This scene shows a struggle of god fearing man who continuously strives for the forgiveness and gratification of almighty.

In another scene, Mohammed finds a man struggling to start his car which has broken down; the man seeks for Mohammed helps; Mohammed, during helping him, scans the man & his belongings and found him with a beautiful wrist watch. Vivek succeeded here in showing incriminable war of thoughts, a war between good v/s wicked. Mohammed is aware that his mind is willing to steal watch but his holy soul warns him and solicits God repeatedly to give him courage from committing one more sin; but finally wicked wins over good and he steals watch. But his cognisant bites him like anything and he buries the stolen watch.

Mohammed, in the next scene found reading holy book and listens to knocking on the door. Astonished Mohammed opens the door and finds a couple seeking for shelter for a night because of raining heavily outside. Mohammed, living unaided far away from society and almost not in touch with any woman sees Urvashi and unknowingly gives consent to couple for giving shelter for the night. Impatience Mohammed couldn’t resist himself from watching the love making of a couple from a window and fantasizes Urvashi along with. Mohammed knows from inside that what is being done is wrong and he is being trapped in bondage of attractions.

Next morning Mohammed gets a wrist watch as a token of love, as sense of gratitude from couple for allowing them to take shelter in rainy night. As soon as he sees wrist watch, he remembers the incident of stealing watch and again he slips in the deep regret. He then rushes to place where he buried previous watch and digs it out, but when he opens the box, he finds nothing. Watch is not there, box is empty. This was like master stroke, he thinks to bury all his sins committed knowingly or unknowingly but he finds box empty…!! So here Mohammed cannot understand what is happening and he regrets for burring is sins but failing to do so.

In this film, Vivek exemplified many sides of a human being i.e. good v/s wicked, man v/s nature, man v/s himself and so on.

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