It’s not about JNU. It’s about India. 


 It’s no coincidence that people who are supporting anti-India JNU students are exactly the same people who supported Ishrat Jahan and celebrated Lalu’s victory in Bihar. Ishrat turned out to be a suicide bomber. And there have been over 700 murders (including techies) and thousands of kidnappings in Bihar.
No wonder today they find themselves supporting those who want to attack and divide India because Hindus live here. Therefore, JNU issue is a blessing in disguise. We will know who stands where. I believe any support, tactical, intellectual, real, legal, financial or moral to these bunch of students is an indirect support to terror groups.
Also, let’s be very clear it’s not about freedom of speech or sedition law. This is the first tactic, closet enemies use. They will confuse the issue by bringing in lots of counter news and views. They will quote laws. They will try to make it look like an anti-RSS, anti- BJP issue. This isn’t about any of the above. It’s about a war against India. In 2010 there was an intelligence report that terror groups and IS is making inroads in Indian Universities. Everyone ignored it exactly like when intelligence said Ishrat Jahan was a suicide bomber. They believe in intelligence reports only when it suits them. This is a real threat. And it has just begun. Don’t ignore it.

The game plan is to create an emergency like situation and force the government to come hard on students and thus start nationwide riots. Don’t get trapped. Oppose and expose everyone who even remotely shows sympathy towards such trends. In life, very rarely come situations when you need to sand up to protect your identity, your dignity and your safety. This is the beginning of that moment.

What can be a better proof that the same people are debating whether national flag should be hoisted atop our universities? Debate? Really? It’s ok if Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Barkha, Rajdeep and gang are found supporting them as they have nowhere to go. From here on they will do only wrong as the race they have chosen ends in a dark well. Don’t confuse their debates as intellectual debates. They aren’t intellectuals. Intellectuals are those who do intellectual things. Like your mother. Your teachers and millions of common unheard people who bring about a real change.

They may call you bhakt but it’s better to be a bhakt than being ignorant and anti-national.



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