Some I heard, some I copied but most are original. As original as originality can be.

I am one in billion. I am an Indian.

In a party there are two kinds of people. One who want to leave and another who don’t. Unfortunately, both are married to each other.

Generally in any Party what is on a drunken man’s lips is on a sober man’s mind.

When I grew up film news was a lat page 2 column thing. Now it’s front page material. Meta Bharat mahan.

If there was no Bollywood what would our media do? Who will dance in weddings?Fashion shows? How will we live without bollywood? Any ideas.

False humilityOf celebrities is so fashionable now and our journos are such soft targets.

Someone must score a century. Wait Team India may do it. Wow!

Cooking on Sunday can be so theraputic.

The first myth of management is that it exists

Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.

Future ain’t like it used to be.

Soon, all people will speak English, but no one will speak it well.

Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone, all at once, forgot everything they knew.

People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

Someone said” Buddha is dead’. And I thought, Doesn’t he know that everybody is dead. It’s all a matter of degree.

“2020 everyone in india would be literate” – Sibal. Hope they will be able to read ‘No Spitting’.

Pakistan refuses Indian $5 million aid. It could have ‘flooded the country’. Or maybe Zradari couldn’t understand ‘Million’.

Your craving for tourism is directly proportional to the price of your camera.

The biggest tourist attraction in delhi is Delhiites.

The biggest tourist attraction in Bombay is National Anthem before the movie.

The greatest thing abt twttr is that U cn quote something & totally make up the source” – Albert Einstein

In the context of Bollywood makers “I won’t talk to press” I understand but “I won’t listen…” part I don’t understand.

I’d like to ask all Chake-de-Indians supporting CWG this: Have you booked your tickets to Javelin and Kho-Kho competitions?

No film can escape the perversions of its maker.

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