I exist because you imagine I do.

Hello. The name Vivek Agnihotri was given to me. Actually it was Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. I took out Ranjan as I felt the whole concept of middle name inane.

My place of birth, Gwalior, somewhere in centre of India, little on the left, like our heart. But it wasn’t my choice. If I had to choose it would have been Bikini Islands. My parents, my teachers, my education, my caste, color, values, beliefs, economic status, nothing was out of my choice. I am a result of the place and people I was born to. I am not what I am. I am them.

What I think, say and write is what I am. That too, is not my choice. That’s all I have seen, heard or experienced. I am a nobody.

I exist because you think I do.

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