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    Though India is a land of creativness but yes we fail mostly as we all know the 1000 years of suppression not only people but also culture than that results in loosing roots. I have a personal experience, as a tourist I visited some Temples in Tamilnadu taken some photos in a curiosity to create them in a known 3d softwares but failed to make them accurately that made me to ask how advance are we is this advancement is enough, but latter in a discussion with friends I heard that at ancient times they “fixed their time only in one aspect”, but is that true enough to convince ourselfs with that explanation.
    our society hardly sees entrepreneurship as a profession that makes many to loose the Balloonof hope.

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    Sadar Charanvandan Sir & Mam. A big big thanks to you sir for raising the level of our mindset by telling us actual conept and making us the things easy to understand.
    We all salute you and mam for Great and Nobel towards Bharat. Your Rastrabhakti is vandneyae.
    Our Comfort zone, lack of figthing spirit, only job mindset, Free and Easy Life Mentality, Lack of Pride on Country, Fear of Experimenting and Fear to Fail, and above all not understanding the actual value of Human Birth these kills creativity.
    We have to be a Kid in this age we all are fearlessly creative. But As we grow we became machine rather than human being.
    Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Vandae Mathram.

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    New Movie Topic: #ShortScriptForMovie
    There is famous experiments done on monkeys in the cage,
    watch this video to understand it first. then my further comments will make sense to you.
    In ancient india, people were prosperous, they belive in scientific approaches to live life.. there were certain professions like brahmin, vaishya, chatriya and shudra. now everybody knows what the do. brahmin job was teaching, chatriya was warrior and shudra was doing clening and seva kind of jobs. now there was time of choice with hardwork.. when chudra’s children want to become either chatriya or brahim or vaishya.. as per their capability, if they deserver they could be in those times. so i ment there was no cast system. one person Manu observe this pattern of getting occupation and wrote one book called manusmriti.. there were many other facts were also wrote. now there is evidence of this system was established during Kind Bhartahari and kind vikramaditya, so everything was smooth as per explained process or system. then when after mugals when Angrez came to india they understood the power of pen is more powerful than the power of sward. they want to break the backbone of the indian culture. they send indians scripture to thier country and started learning from them used them for case study at the same time they misguided successfully the indian people about the superstition reated things and misgiuded to disbelif in their own culture. similarly they found the book manusmriti and they follwed the divide and conqure techniue to rule .. they changed the conept of manusmriti from profession to cast.. now brahin, vaishya etc becomes cast not the profession so the chudra lost the ladder and opportunity to have different occupation like brahmin or vaishya or chatriaya.. similary others lost the ladder.. angrez successfully build this culture of cast from profession and changed the manusmriti.. now many years passed .. brahmin has the ego of being the higher cast and being a guru of others while chatriya had started feeling the power and like wise.. now they started to summon the chudra.. and angrez provoke them all.. angrezs provoked chudra leaders as well. they successfully divided the poeple and concred them. those misundertanding is still alive.. but main crux comes now..

    now a days actor son become actor, doctor son becomes doctor, politician children becomes the politician, if any normal person wants to become the actor or politician or businessman they can but they have to put extraordinary efforts to get established in that level or in that society.. this is the new manusmriti now.. it’s the current time manu smriti now.. but whats happening .. still
    many people believs

    chudra is doing now, they are alwyas calling brahin did the wrong things with them they dont talk about angrezs they dont talk about mugals they only talk about sawarn samaj did wrong things with their ancestors.. they want arakshan.. now they follow ambedkar.. now amedkar educations were sponsered by Vadoara king.. nobody knows this.. ambedkar was just the chiarman of constituition commitee but actual constituions was created by some south indian man.. nobody knows this facts.. amedkar definetly faced the challenges in his life to grow.. but he again misguided his followers by saying do not worship lord shiva as he is the penis and do not worship lord ganesha as he was the mail of skin of her mother.. without knowing the actula concept.. he just used his frustraion on swarn samaj and was never able to identify the actual flaw created by angrezes.. today again there is a mission of budhha and many other channels they are trying to make this atryachar wala topic living in their community.. and not foucsing on future but beliving in the reservation./.

    Not possible to write all minute details but i hope you will the idea of your movie. and you are master in doing research of any topic.. so how human mind thinks.. and then ancient reality and then how angrez modified the history and scriptures and then whats today’;s youth thinks.. similar to kashmir files..
    if you find this topic intersting please plan to create a film on this as well. i am open to help further if needed.
    Kind regards,

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    In the entire universe or beyond that or wherever one’s imagination reaches, each and everything which exists, which happens, which will exist and which will happen, right from smallest unit of atom to the entire universe has one thing in common THE PURPOSE.

    Take an example of one of the finest species on earth – Human being. This species shown continuous evolution and updation over the years & decades. Humans have arisen from just Living life to Planning life for self as well as for others. Have you ever wondered what is the driving force?

    Yes, The driving force is THE PURPOSE, The hunger of finding the answer for Why. And we have witnessed that for every Why had answer.

    But In recent time the behavioral evolution has occurred in Humanity that, when one dosn’t know the answer, he/she just kills the question and throws out.

    So my question is without driving force how evolution will take place?

    And without evolution there will be lack of Creation and one will have only option of Adoption.


    According Wikipedia Swaraj means self governance. In past history, say 300 years ago when rulers are very eager to win the kingdom by defeating the others, the making of self governance was a bit crazy decision and difficult too. It was difficult as compared to winning someone else’s ready-made kingdom and rule it.

    The one who took the decision of making Swaraj was just not courageous but also having strong belief system, micro management skills, powerful vision, concentrated focus towards his vision and of course the strong will power. With all these qualities there are so many sacrifices were made.

    I am not proving here myself as historian or story teller; I am trying to quote in subconscious minds of youth as well as influencers that, the Power of Creation is far superior than Adoption.


    Now there might be a debate on cultural greatness, let’s consider basic definition of culture, “The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.”

    With reference to this context, Whatever you adopt as a culture if it doesn’t include intellectual achievements and arts that support humanity how could you call it a culture ? shouldn’t it be called as a shiny soap to wash your brain ?

    There are tons of shiny soaps out there. So there is an important task for you to perform before adopting any culture i.e. to differentiate between true manifestations and a shiny soap.

    So let’s take an initiative for creation of the culture that will entirely serve the definition.

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