60-day TRIUMPH! Despite “Bharat”; “The Tashkent Files” run house full of Cine-goers!


“Thanks everyone for: 60 days of #TheTashkentFiles 60 days of #RightToTruth 60 days of love and support. 60 days of David’s victory over Goliaths (Kalank, Avengers, SOTY2, Bharat, DDPD, Elections, IPL, WCC, critics and many more) Still running to houseful shows”.-Vivek Agnihotri

“When Bharat was releasing, I was told that our film will be out of the theatres because Bharat is different from Avengers Endgame and this was after the celebration of 50 days. According to trade pundits, the film had done its run in theatres. But to my surprise even after 60 days it is still running in theatres despite the massive onslaught of Bharat,” says the film-maker

He added “This film will set an example on how to market a film without actually marketing it. Till date, you will see many shows will go houseful because there was demand, and there were less number of screens so shows have been running houseful”

The second PM of India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri died in Tashkent, in hours after signing the Tashkent agreement. His body turned blue and swollen bleeding from cuts. Clouds of suspicions hinted signs of murder rather than a heart-attack. Was it STATE, DYNASTY or POLITICS? WHO KILLED SHASTRI? His story was erased from history like his death a mystery. Discover your #RightToTruth with Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Tashkent Files” streaming in theaters near you.

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