6th Sensational Week of “The Tashkent Files”! The ‘Most Talked about film’ roars #TheRightToTruth


Vivek Agnihotri expresses gratitude on social media, saying: “Happy to see #TheTashkentFiles entering a sensational 6th week – a rare even for biggest of the film’s. Despite another big film starrer releasing today, we survive. All this because people decided to market this film. It’s truly a people’s film.”

The era of mindless comedy, senseless romance, hype marketing and star-studded film promotions have come to an end. The proof is “The Most Watched Movie of the Year”; “The Tashkent Files”. No hype marketing, no star-studded promotions, the “People’s Film” roared #TheRightToTruth and ‘word of mouth’ were converted to footfalls. The audience now want intelligent films; cinematographing the practicality of life and real values of democracy, judiciary and most importantly, portraying the real India.

The forgotten Real Hero of India, the one who brought “The Green Revolution” “The White Revolution”. Because of whom we won the Indo-Pak war 1965. The one who taught us to respect our farmers and soldiers. Whose slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan”, runs in our blood with full intensity, even today. Our second Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. His life-story was erased from the History, like his death a Mystery!

Learn ‘Who killed Shastri TWICE?’ Watch Vivek Agnihotri’s amazingly brainstorming thriller, “The Tashkent Files” streaming in theaters near you.

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