“The Tashkent File” trounces KJo’s star-loaded big-budget “Kalank” at IMDb!


Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Tashkent Files” beats Karan Johar’s super-star loaded big-budget “Kalank” at IMDb. With 89% likes and 8.5 ratings, India lauds the #RightToTruth!

IMDb rated “The Tashkent Files” with 8.5 ratings of 10 and 89% likes, whereas “Kalank” raked 2.6 of 10 and 58% likes. Maximum number of viewers being youth, the Indian Cinema being a soft-power influences the next generation.

“Because Kalank booked all screens and we can’t match their muscle power. Like Bachchan Saab said once – वो राजा हैं हम रंक। Remember, Shastri Ji was a small and simple leader but with time and people’s love turned out to be very strong.” Vivek Agnihotri answers a fan on social media, when questioned about limited release of such a commendable film.

Know your country and know the Real Indian heroes. Stimulate the patriotic spirit and join the #RightToTruth with Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Tashkent Files’, in streaming in your nearby theaters.

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