SIGN UP to Abolish Article 370 for a Safer, United and Happier India


Article 370 of Indian Constitution, a ‘Temporary Provision’ granting ‘Autonomous Status’ to Jammu & Kashmir.

If Article 370 was Temporary; How long is the “Temporary”? Why not Abolish it, in case of Threat and National Emergency? Why continue to Abide it, risking the lives of Indian Citizens? Poverty, Conflict and Terrorism, what else has it given to J&K? Security of J&K, needs a huge Financing by Indian Government; is this Expenditure worthy and Productive?

To support our Campaign, please fill the given form. A form you fill is equal to a Petition you sign. With the support of one lakh people, we shall convey it to the PMO.

United we Stand, divided we Fall! Let us make India Safer, United and Happier!

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