Vivek Agnihotri rips apart the Media for malfunctioning on publicizing sensitive affairs & happenings


The famous filmmaker and author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri recently released his video on India first which leaves us in a surprising stage concerning role & practices of Media in India. Media is a body which we rely on for many things. Media’s role is to explore & reveal the truth behind any political, social, economical, criminal, national, and international matters. But it has been observed that since last some time the recital of Media has gone drastically down.

Why Vivek is angry with Media? Why he has to publish a video for awakening of the youth? What message Vivek wants to pass to common public of the nation? Watch, listen & analyze his narration in a form a video here –

Vivek here shares his agony with respect to the recent tragedy happened in Baster where some policemen and a reporter from Doordarshan were killed brutally; but the irony is that the media has not even noticed about this barbaric act – talking or condemning it was not even expected from them. Vivek also attacked on their act of ‘Lip-Service’ where they didn’t even bother to mention the names of the martyrs; people has divulged their outrage on the social media therefore the media was in a little action else they have been totally indifferent to this incident.

Vivek also talks that our media never talks on the human rights of our soldiers, policemen, etc who are being killed in naxalite areas on daily basis. Not only this but media also did not bother to give attention to series of such incidents i.e. land mine explosion, brutal murder of a BJP leader in his house. Moreover since last 50 years naxalite areas are facing terror of people being killed brutally, bomb blasts in public places like schools, hospitals, etc, highways & roads are being destroyed and so on; but our Media never writes on this. On the other hand when something happens in Kashmir, it is glamorized and exaggerated and romanticized. Being a vigilant citizen, we should raise a question on this. Isn’t it a betrayal to country not showing such sensitive news? Only gossips happening in Delhi are to be covered in news?

According to Vivek, now this is the time when we as vigilant citizen have to remind media to write against the national security threat urban naxals and other such anti national elements. Lastly, Vivek talks about very sensitive statement made by Naxals, “We by mistake killed the journalist, actually journalists are our very good friends”. Now this is a point where we have to think that enemies of our nation are proclaiming that media is their friend then how much trust we can put on media.

Vivek then urges people to share their views thoughts & opinions with him through blogs. Lastly Vivek urges to defeat naxals, urban naxals & their supporters because India first.

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