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The newest author and distinguished film maker Mr. Vivek Agnihotri is in limelight because of his sensational book #UrbanNaxals; and post its launch, he has faced many interviews and conversations with intellectuals. As a part of this promotional activity, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri got an opportunity to converse with Mr. Anand Rangnathan, a famous scientist & Author. Following is the conversations as it is.

Mr. Anand Rangnathan:  Would you find it acceptable if India were to be declared as a Hindu State?

Mr. Vivek: Yes, I will have problems

Mr. Anand Rangnathan: Do you have a problem in India becoming a secular state?

Mr. Vivek: No, I am not ok with this

Mr. Anand Rangnathan: You don’t have much problem with this govt right now?

Mr. Vivek: I have. See, There are two trains – one with only engine, no other boggies are there. Another train – there is one engine and some good boggies & couple of bad boggies; so one has to be rational in following somebody.

Mr. Anand Rangnathan: Are you an opportunist?

Mr. Vivek: of course I am. In context to interviews conducted in JNU, I’d consider less in interviews in JNU have been trigger for good marketing.

Mr. Anand Rangnathan: Marketing means you are just being publically known but you are also honest with your views right?

Mr. Vivek: yes, I just market my ideas; like Krishna marketed his ideas, Buddha marketed his ideas, Osho marketed his ideas & Gandhi marketed his ideas.

Mr. Anand Rangnathan: So you believe in the mass murdered things?

Mr. Vivek: Yes I believe and I believe in many things like this; I believe that Nehru was actually my Chacha.

Mr. Anand Rangnathan: What is your objection to secularism?

Mr. Vivek: When we have a wonderful & beautiful wife, why we have to remarry find another wife. We are most diverse society.  When I am part of that liberal culture, I don’t Have to learn & practice it.

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