#UrbanNaxals & Vivek Agnihotri rocks in Guwahati


#UrbanNaxals – a new pearl in literature has spread its magic all over. Yesterday, on June 4th 2018 Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, the new author and the instigator of this book, was here at Guwahati for the promotion of his book.

He was witnessed a small faction where few bright young Buddhas initiated impulsive book reading session of #UrbanNaxlas on the banks of Brahmaputra.

The session was started with only 5 youngsters and soon it became a faction of 17 young Buddhas who all were in their late 19s or early 20s. They seem to be middle class, non-colonial mindset (Indic), well informed, fully aware of political, social and cultural challenges and fully committed. While conversing with them, it was found that they all had the Common goal of building #NewIndia. The thread which tied them was their pride for India.

This entire incident has been shared on social media where Mr. Vivek tweeted, “In no time, after I read some chapters from the book, without any plan, organically they decided to form a small group to fight the evils and enemies of India. They decided to call themselves #UrbanNaxalWarriors”

Mr. Vivek, considering these young Buddhas’ dedication and interest, continued reading. To encourage this young brigade, he again tweeted:

“This is the first chapter (Guwahati) of #UrbanNaxlaWarriors made of young volunteers. Unanimously, they made @squintneon the convenor of Guwahati chapter. They have set three immediate goals.

  1. To create awareness about India’s strengths.
  2. To help build a cohesive ecosystem of colonial-free minds
  3. Celebrate Indic values, culture and rich heritage.

The first task they have set up is to organise talks if Indic scholars in National Law University. I am sure slowly they will consolidate their contribution to build a #NewIndia free of colonial mindset.”

Mr. Vivek continued showing his trust and conviction in the new brigade by tweeting “I have committed to help, guide or mentor them with the help of #IAmBuddha Foundation and Indic Academy. I have no doubt that by next year same time they will be the youngest Indic thought leaders.”

Here, Mr. Vivek extended his help and support to those ethical rebels who want to build new India. He inspired them by the following tweet: “This gives me hope and confidence that there are still young people who want to fight #UrbanNaxlas and rebuild a culturally and economically rich India. If you want to start or be part of this organic movement, we all are there to help and mentor you. Write to me or @dimpleatra and see how your dream will come true.”

Lastly Mr, Vivek shared his schedule by a tweet and encouraged youth to get connected to him for vigorous debate; he tweeted: “I’ll be in Hyderabad (8/9), Chennai (10/11), Mumbai (12/13) Pune (15), Bangalore (17). If you want to take leadership and organise an informal session like this at any iconic place of your city, please let me know. I‘d love to listen to your ideas and help you form a local chapter of #UrbanNaxalWarriors

Jai Maa Saraswati. #IAmBuddha”

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