Mohammed & Urvashi getting praise on social media


Praise film is getting and trend of audience writing short reviews:

The award winning film by Vivek Agnihotri, Mohammed & Urvashi, after its colossal release on internet has been the talk of the town. The audience has not only accepted but also praised this movie a lot. Director Vivek Agnihotri did an experiment in depicting the amalgamation of human nature’s different shades and theory of Karma; and he succeeded in doing same.

This film has created the sensation because of its subject line where a god fearing man exhibited various shades of human nature like good v/s evil, right v/s wrong, etc. Although the subject was little offbeat but its presentation was made such a way that each viewer can feel the belongingness with the lead character of the film. This film has inspired people to express their feelings, views and feedbacks in forms of short reviews, tweets and posts on social media.

Gradually the film is becoming more popular and has been a great success in acquiring love of not only viewers but also the critics. The love and consideration being received by the film on the social media can be seen over here.

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