What IS GST?


The other day I was travelling with my young daughter. Everyone was talking about GST. She asked me why it’s in news and how does it help us. I tried to explain to her but like a father, with complex jargon and processes.

Later, in Delhi I met few old lady friends who saw me tweeting something on GST and asked me to explain it. They had a general idea but didn’t know the difference between the current taxation system and GST.

Back in Mumbai, I was briefing my designing team on a project and gave an example of GST and some young designers were like I was talking about some rocket science.

Same evening I met an young friend Rahul Roushan, also a dynamic entrepreneur and innovator, and I asked him why is it so difficult for people to understand GST? He said because none tries to simplify concepts and in next 20 minutes he explained it like I was a school kid.

Nobody knows everything. Nobody needs to know everything. Whatever the concepts or systems or processes, they all are based on a simple human need. We make them sound complex. Common man doesn’t have to understand the nitty gritties of GST. All he wants to know is how it works, how is it different from the existing system and how does it help him.

Pallavi Joshi, actor, entrepreneur, my wife, mother and a compassionate human being, understood the importance of making concepts simple. She volunteered to do it herself. She produced it with another partner Tripti Sharma.

This gave birth to #EasyHai!

The moment it was published on Social Media, it became viral. Reinforcing our faith in simple. Kyunki, simple hi #EasyHai!

So, here it is.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H1vPlL_OZ4″ /]



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