An Open Letter To Sonia Gandhi


Dear Sonia (ji),

I was utterly confused, perhaps, as confused as the protocol officers of all embassies, as to how I should address you. Her highness? Madam President (of INC)? Her Excellency? Her Imperial Majesty? or like they say in Italy ‘Honourable‘? First Lady? Who is our first lady btw? Ms. Mukherjee or Ms. Gursharan Kaur?. I asked some knowledgable people and they pointed at you. Well, in India, if you are confused about the protocol of addressing, just use two humble letters ‘j & i‘ . So, I resolve my problem by addressing you the way our PM addresses you.  After all he is Mr. Right, right? Hence, Soniaji.

Now that we have resolved the issues of addressing you, I’d like to come straight to the point I want to make. I am very disappointed in you. And disgusted. What kind of person will lose the opportunity to become PM of a foreign country? Didn’t Tony Blair accept to be PM of USA .In UK? What kind of person would refuse to step into his/her spouse’s shoes? Didn’t Zardari do it? What kind of person would let millions of party workers heartfelt wish drain in Yamuna river? Advani did it in Ayodhya. What were you scraed of? That you can’t speak Hindi? So, who can speak Hindi anyways. And who cares. Were you scared of your nil experience in politics? Or your governance competence? You won the elections wasn’t that enough a proof that you are a smart politician. And governance? Like your backhome Italy, its not required here too. Why else do we have a million IAS Babus. Its for them.  Not for the Princess. Who were you scared of? The assassins? Why would they touch you. Their sole purpose is to see this country fail. You were their blessing in disguise. They ain’t too unhappy with Manmohan & Rahul either.

Now that you have successfully proved to the world that you can run this country without anyone knowing it it reminds me of the famous dialogue from a movie I had copied in my movie. Not a moralistic thing. We all became graduates by copying each other’s papers. Like you copied your mother in law’s saree collection.  Well, the line goes like this “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. True for God too that it exists. Logically that would make MMSingh, God and you, Devil. Now, that’s unfair. In India we like to give everything a figure. Of course, I am talking about devil here but not in the sense you are thinking.

I am talking about devils that will never let India become superpower however much PR might you may employ. And if India doesn’t become superpower what point will you make back home in Italy. What kind of poverty-struck country will your children lead. I am sure MM Singh is going to put in a sick leave application immediately before next elections. You could have become PM of India and proved to the world that Devil exists. You could have demolished the devil and displayed it to world semi-naked like Prabhakaran or Che’s dead bodies. But you decided to confuse my children. When asked who is the President of this country they end up writing your name and fail in exams. What’s their fault? If seeing is believing, they see you in all posters, Government ads, in all functions. Whenever there is national crisis they hear everyone saying that Soniaji will decide. They have hardly heard  or seen Manmohan Singh. When they did he was talking about you. Children are perceptive. They knowwho is the boss. As its clear that you are the boss I’d request you to, please, help India get rid of devils who will not let your son rule a superpower.

I know that you know that everyone knows that you are losing the next elections. But there are still 6 months to go. If you don’t know what all can be done in 6 months ask Arvind Kejriwal. Your son seems to be highly inspired buy him. I am sure 6 months mean a lot in a country’s destiny. Its almost one third of The Emergency. I say, don’t think about us. Think about yourself. Wouldn’t you want to do something worthwhile. We all want to do that before we die. 2014 congress is going to die. For sure. And a new force will be born. Nothing, I repeat, can be better than that. Someone has to kill the devil. It doesnt have to be Modi or kejriwal. If you want, you can be that person. Soniaji.


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