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The evolution of the Bollywood villain

Bollywood villains have a way with words, making even the most pedestrian comic book movie dialogue sound like Shakespeare. “Yahan teri izzat bachane koi nahi ayega!” “Yahan teri cheekh sunne walah koi nahin!” “Bula tere bhagwan ko – dekhta hoon kaun ata hai?” “Kis maai ke laal mein itni himmat hai jo mujhse takrayega?” The […]

Sukma attack: Narrative of Maoist

Narrative of Maoist sympathisers has no takers, world must know about Naxal barbarism Early this week, around 100 jawans who were protecting the road construction workers in Sukma district, in the red corridor in Chattisgarh, found themselves surrounded by 300 Naxals including women cadres spraying bullets at them leading to the death of 25 paramilitary […]

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