“Where do you find reporters like these?”-Donald Trump to Imran Khan.

“Where do you find reporters like these?”-Donald Trump asked Imran Khan, when a journalist from Pakistan questioned the US President about the alleged human rights violation in Kashmir. Trump’s answer left the Pakistani PM and his journalists highly humiliated with red faces.

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Donald Trump and Imran Khan in a joint Press-Conference. Click to watch:

23rd September, Monday, the American President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan held a joint Press conference in the New York City.

A day before on 22nd September, the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, shared the stage with the American President Donald Trump, at the ‘Howdy Modi!’ event organized in Houston, Texas, where more than 50,000 supporters assembled at the event.

Abogration of Article 375 by India has shaken whole of the Pakistan and its PM, who, by hook-or-crook want to ‘Meditate on the Kashmir Issue.’ May it be by going to the UN,  or to the American President or by giving threats of terror-attacks and Nuclear war. Pakistan has been consistently insisting for a third-party intervention on the ‘Kashmir Issue’ after India has scrapped Article 375.

When a Pakistani journalist asked Trump about ‘Meditation on the Kashmir Issue,’ he replied; “I am an extremely good arbitrator. It is a complex issue. Certainly, I would be willing to help, only if both (India and Pakistan) want to meditate.”

India has always maintained that the ‘Kashmir Issue’ is a bilateral one and there is no scope for a third-party interference.

When a Pakistani journalist asked Trump on the alleged human right violation in Kashmir, saying “Kashmiri people are suffering from last 50 days. Right now there is human right violation in Kashmir. A 50 days knock down, no food, no internet and no nothing. What will you do for Kashmiri people?”

On this question, the US president looked at Imran and slammed the journalist saying “Where do you find reporters like these?” The Pakistani PM, was left with a red-face, full of humiliation. He laughed it off, without uttering a word. Where the US President seemed to be stable, answering the questions with ease; Khan on the other hand, seemed very nervous COUNTING PRAYER BEADS.

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