Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter still intact. ISRO, India stands by you!

2.1 km to land on the South Pole of the Moon; sadly, ISRO lost its connection with the lander ‘Vikram.’ Eager to embrace the Moon, at its final step, ‘Vikram’ rushed to touch the surface of the moon.

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A billion Dreams were launched to the Moon, fastened on the chest of Chandrayaan-2, on 22nd of July 2019. Successfully injected by GSLV MkIII-M1 rocket into the Earth’s orbit, Chandrayaan-2 was scheduled to soft-land at the South Pole of the Moon in about 50 days.

Narendra Modi: “Addressing our hardworking space scientists. Watch.”

7th of September, 1:30 am to 2:30 am; along with Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whole Nation was awake, to witness the “Terrifying 15 minutes,” for the crucial landing of lander ‘Vikram’  (named after Vikram Sarabhai, the father of India’s Space Programme) on the Moon’s Surface. When the lander was at an altitude of 2.1 km from the Moon’s surface, India skipped a heart-beat, because suddenly everything turned blank, and the lander lost its communication to the ground station.

ISRO’s Chairman Kailasavadivoo Sivan, with a heavy heart announced that; “The Vikram lander descent was as planned and normal performance was observed up to an altitude of 2.1 km. Subsequently the communications from lander to ground station was lost. The data is being analyzed.”

The scientist of ISRO worked day and night for the success of this mission. Addressing their hard work and resilience, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi imparted a motivational speech to boost their confidence and console their broken heart.

In his speech he said, ISRO was the first to successfully launch the Mangalyaan into the Mars Orbit in its first attempt. And it was ISRO, who was the first to discover presence of lunar water on the Moon. And it was ISRO who created World Record by launching 100 satellites at a time. When ISRO has its encyclopedia of success, some hurdles cannot put its flight out of trajectory

He said “Every Indian is filled with a spirit of pride and confidence. We are proud of our scientists and engineers. Our team worked hard, travelled far & those teachings will always remain with us. We will look back at journey and effort with great satisfaction, the learning from today will make us stronger and better. I am not here to preach you anything, I’m here to see you all and get inspired”

He signed off saying; “Resilience & tenacity are central to India’s ethos. In Science there are no failures, only experiments and efforts. A new Dawn is yet to rise with a better tomorrow. I am with you; whole nation is with you. Be stronger and courageous, as the best is yet to come!.”

When the Prime Minister greeted all the scientists for their diligent efforts, K. Sivan the chairperson of ISRO and director of the mission, got emotional and broke down in to tears. PM hugged the heart broken scientist and consoled him for a better tomorrow.

Best is yet to come. Kudos to ISRO and all the scientist for their hard work and perseverance. Their contribution to the nation is incredible and India lauds their diligent efforts. India stands with ISRO! Jai Hind!

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