Purity of Indian Culture engulfed in Cow-dung casted logs. A step towards Sustainable Development.


Indians worship the holy cow. Her urine and dung are considered to be pious and are used in many rituals. This Cow-dung casting machine emanates like an Environmental savior stepping towards Sustainable Development.

Procedure: Hopper of the machine is fed with the blend of cow-dung and straw or any other agro-waste. Its screw mechanism helps in mixing raw materials thoroughly, compress them and extrude them out. Different size and shapes of dies are available to cast logs as per requirement. These casted logs are allowed to dry in sunlight till they acquire hard and sturdy structure, like that of conventional wooden logs. This machine is efficient enough to prepare 1 kilogram of logs in 15 seconds, with market price INR 600-700 per quintal. Cost of the machine starts from INR 25,000.

From logs, manure, pots, sculptures, lamps to incense stick; this multi-purpose machine can cast the blend into various shapes and sizes increasing the income of Gaushala.

Most important function of these logs is to replace conventional wood for cremation purpose. In India approximately 5 crore trees are cut annually for the purpose of cremation. Advantages of cow-dung casted logs over conventional wood for the purpose of cremation are: Conventional wood has moisture content up to 15% whereas in cow-dung casted logs it is 1.5-2%; In complete combustion of conventional wood, 5-15 kilograms of ghee is required, whereas in cow-dung casted logs 1 kilogram of ghee is enough; In combustion of wood, carbon dioxide is emitted and cow-dung casted logs emit oxygen on combustion. Utilization of cow-dung casted logs help in animal conservation, environment conservation and prevention of deforestation.

24 cities have already started their march to Sustainable development by replacing conventional wood with cow-dung casted logs. What about your city?

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