The August of Independence! India celebrates 73rd Independence Day and the auspicious day of Rakhi.


The August breeze gushes with the aroma of festives loaded with the heritage of Indian Culture. Today, double celebration downpours as India rejoices its 73rd Independence Day and the auspicious festival of Raksha-Bandhan.

Speech of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, all the way from Red-fort Delhi. Click to watch

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi unfurled the Indian Flag at the Red-Fort, Delhi, wearing his signature safa. In his Independence Day speech, he addressed the nation presenting a road-map for next five years. Expressing his condolence to flood-victims of the country, he paid tribute to the freedom fighters who gifted us this breeze of Independence and greeted his fellow citizens on this auspicious day of Raksha-Bandhan. Here are the key points from his speech.

  • Water Conservation an important aspect for the nation, where thousands suffer water scarcity. Jal Jeevan Mission to progress vigorously in coming years.
  • Use of cloth bags rather than plastic bags must be promoted. Pledge to liberate India from single-use plastic.
  • India soon to become open defecation free country. Medical sector accessibility to be enhanced in coming years. ‘Made in India’ a priority.
  • Farmers of the land must pledge to use 10-15% less fertilizer.
  • In order to increase Indian tourism, let the citizens pledge to visit at least 15 tourist destinations before 2022.
  • India shall have a Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) to further enforce the armed forces.
  • INR 100 trillion to be invested in the development of infrastructure in coming years.
  • India aims to reach among first 50 nations in ‘Ease of doing business’
  • India strongly fights against terrorism, corruption, and black-marketing. Every effort made to reduce corruption is welcome.
  • Population Explosion a major issue and a giant obstacle in nation’s progress. The ones who follow the policy of small family also contribute to the development of the nation; it is also a form of patriotism.
  • From past 70 years India was a $2 trillion economy. In just 5 years, we added $1 trillion and at present India is a $3 trillion economy. Our aim is to make India $5 trillion economy in the coming years.

Historic decisions taken in just 70 days of the new-governance have brought a vibe of Revolution in the country. Abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. Declaring Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh as separate Union Territories. Abolishing Triple Talaq and criminalizing Muslim Instant Divorce.

“One Nation, One Constitution- this spirit has become a reality and India is proud of that.” says the Prime Minister. One India one nation, one grid, one mobility. The dream of ‘One India one Constitution’ is fulfilled with the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. Now, India is UNITED in real sense. The PM plans to ‘One India, One Constitution and One Election’ in coming years.

“Five years ago, people always thought- ‘Can the country change?’ Now the people say- ‘YES MY COUNTRY CAN CHANGE.’ I was amazed with the change in attitude of people. Their disappointment had turned into optimism, dreams became connected with desire and everyone was on the same page that this country can change”- says Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

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