India’s first Professional female Bagpipe artist, the enchanting SNAKE CHARMER Archy J.

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Archy J, the bagpipe sensation popularly known as The Snake Charmer is India’s first Professional female Bagpipe artist honored with ‘The First Lady Achievers Award’ by the President of India in January 2018. This young enchantress can blow your mind with her self-taught bagpiping genre that is a fusion of ancient folks and modern music.

Binge on this enchanting video of India’s first professional female Bagpipe artist, Archy J The Snake Charmer.

India is well known for its ancient art of Snake Charming with an instrument called Pungi. But what if an enchanting sake-charmer blows up your mind with a BAGPIPE?

Bagpipes, one of the toughest instruments to play and that too in a country like India where there are no institutions or professional tutors to teach you this art is a really challenging. This young girl from Delhi, Archy J, walked on the road less travelled and facing all the hurdles came out with an excellence art of fusion bagpiping.

“Being a self-taught bagpipe player was one of the toughest things to do for me, as I didn’t have a teacher here, but my determination and passion for this instrument sailed me through the impossible” Says Archy.

She added; “When you really want to do something, when you are the only hope and you are your only teacher, what do you do? You have no option but to go on.”

“What completely inspired me and caught my attention was watching the folk-metal band Eluveitie on YouTube.” Says Archy who before trying hands on bagpipe was a singer and guitarist.

She learnt to play bagpipes from eBooks and pursued many veteran bagpipers from foreign land to guide her in learning this art. Sean Folson from the US guided her in learning this art imparting online lessons. She went to Scotland to pursue a professional bagpiping course for a week to polish this art. Among the 100 varieties of bagpipes, she chose the one made for her and started making videos on her YouTube channel TheSnakeCharmer that has 411,643 subscribers. “I find the bagpipes beautiful and unlike any other instrument out there. It is only a matter of presenting them in the right way by blending them with different genres or styles of music. That is what I am heading for, and I am sure people are going to love it.”- says the bagpipe sensation of India.

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