Jawwad Patel’s “DEWDROPS”. Asia’s first 3D printed intuitive self-filing water apparatus.


What if your water bottle refills itself? And what if you can produce your water from AIR? Awesome right? National Youth Award winner Jawwad Patel’s brainchild ‘DEWDROPS’ is Asia’s first 3D printed intuitive self-filling water apparatus  that generates WATER from AIR.

Jawwad Patel the 24-year old Social Innovator and Research Scientist have been honored with the National Youth Award for Excellence in Research and Innovation by the Government of India. The Highest Civilian Award for the Youth in India.

He acquires an Engineering Degree in the field of Electronics and Communication and was featured as a speaker at the TEDx event at Hyderabad in 2017.

Water, Agriculture, Energy and Health are his focal areas and his inventions like Dewdrops, Epidermus, Smart Helmet, Agritech, Solar car, IoT, Non-Invasive Glucose-meter etc. are all serving the purpose of creating a positive social impact in both the urban and rural society, changing hundreds of lives.

Jawwad’s brainchild “DEWDROPS” is Asia’s first 3D printed Intuitive Self Filing Water Apparatus that produces literally potable water by condensing the moisture present in atmosphere.

The 12V 6000 mAh Li-Ion battery powered apparatus that can be charged by any power outlet or with portable solar device, weighs 800 grams and can produce 1.2 liters of water per hour. Killing all the bacteria and viruses with in-built UV lamp, it assures purified water that complies with drinking standards.

This plug-n-play device allows the user to select convenient temperature of water with on-board tech features sensors able to synchronize data of various parameters like, atmospheric humidity, dew point lux levels and temperature.

The apparatus works on the principle of Peltier’s effect in amalgamation with Thompson’s effect, where graphene coated aluminum coil taps water vapor from air via suction fan. Temperature difference in the coil creates a potential difference that results in condensation of the vapor, resulting to precipitation of water that is collected and stored for future use.

Opting to Sustainable Development, this eco-friendly device is a savior in water scarce regions. For the adventure lovers who love to hike on mountains and hitch the jungles water hunting is no more a nightmare as your smart self-functioning water bottle can quench your thirst producing water from fresh air. Now we await the photovoltaic cell driven “Smart water bottle” that Jawwad promises to upgrade and launch soon into the market.

“The innovations made by me so far have all been in the public domain. All the devices invented by me are made with the sole intention of benefiting the general public at large. Looking at the social crisis in various parts of our country, India, I realized the need for Affordable and Accessible Solutions and felt that revolution was required.” Says Jawwad Patel He added; “I works very hard to ensure that the social innovations benefit all classes of the society, in the public interest and without any intentions of deriving sole monetary benefits. My only intention has always been to provide help to the unprivileged and make their lives better and the world a better place.”

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