“EXQUISITE POETRY IN COLORFUL FABRICS!” A glimpse into the rich Heritage of Indian Fabrics.

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The handlooms have almost disappeared with the rising demand of mechanically driven fabrics produced effortlessly with the technologies that are the brainchild of human. Let’s have a look at the rich Indian heritage of beautiful hand woven fabrics and mesmerizing prints  acknowledged by the world as “EXQUISITE POETRY IN COLORFUL FABRICS”

The Handlooms of India have their origin from ancient times dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization of the Mohenjo-Daro. The tradition of weaving fabrics, dyeing them with natural dyes and decorating them with beautiful block prints and embroidery have been running from ages and passed on from generations to generations.

 A variety of fabrics suitable for every season, handwoven beautifully with magnificent colors crafted with mesmerizing embroidery and block print designs; that is what make the Indian fabrics “an exquisite poetry in colorful fabrics!”

In ancient times, when colors were not synthesized, the fabrics were dyed with traditionally processed natural colors. Shellac was used for reds, iron shavings and vinegar for blacks, turmeric for yellow and pomegranate rinds for green. Blues and reds were traditionally extracted from the plants indigofera, anil and rubia tintorum (madder-root). These were the main sources for traditional Indian dyes.

India is known for its UNITY in DIVERSITY. Moreover, this diversity can be seen in the fabrics of India. Every state produces uniquely designed fabrics portraying the traditional values of that state.

India produces all four kind of silks: mulberry, tasser (tussore), eri and muga. Assam is the home of eri and muga silk. Muga is durable and its natural tones of golden yellow and rare sheen becomes more lustrous with every wash

The Pashmina and Shashtoosh Shawls handcrafter by Kashmiri weavers are ultimate warriors in cold regions. These are unbelievably light and warm. The Pashmina Shawls are so mellifluous that they pass from a ring and can be stored into a matchbox.

State wise famous weaves of India can are tabulated below:

Cotton Weaves   Silk weaves  
The Dacca weaves of East Bengal Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) silk weaves – brocades
The Jamdani weaves of Uttar Pradesh Baluchar weaves of West Bengal
The Paithani weaves of Maharashtra Tanchoi weaves of Gujarat
Chanderi weaves of Madhya Pradesh Paithani weaves used in pallavs of silk sarees of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh
Ikat weaves of Andhra Pradesh Kancheepuram weaves of Tamil Nadu
Kancheepuram, Salem, Coimbatore, Pudukottai, Madurai & Shankeranarkoil  
Karakal sarees from Kerala  
Banglar Tant of West Bengal  

Let us have a glimpse at the mesmerizing handprints and hand embroideries from all over India.

indian fabrics history

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