Change your VIBRATIONS and you can change your DESTINY – Sensei Sandeep Desai


“You can raise the level of your VIBRATIONS by two secret mantras. First by changing the surrounding environment and second by nurturing a good thought process” says Sensei Sandeep Desai the Master of T’ai Chi, Yoga and Martial Arts.

Sensei Sandeep Desai have pursued advanced training of Chen Style T’ai Chi in Singapore under the direct guidance of 19th generation Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Chen Style T’ai Chi. He is a Master of T’ai Chi, Yoga and Martial Arts having several international Accolades to his name. He won the Bronze medal in the First World Traditional Wushu Tournament (2004), at Zhengzhou city, China; and the Silver medal in the First International Chen Style T’ai Chi Tournament (2005), at Singapore. He has authored ‘The Small Book of T’ai Chi’, and have penned down numerous columns in different dailys. Times Music launched two introductory DVDs on T’ai Chi featuring Sensei drawing enormous response from all over.

“My life was going GOOD, but I thought; what if it gets BETTER or BEST? By raising the level of our VIBRATIONS, we can change our DESTINY.

The first secret to it is ‘ENVIRONMENT’. The environment that surrounds us plays a vital role in deciding the quality of our vibrations. Life is a dance of energies. If you spend most of your daytime in a small dark room, sitting in front of your computer, you are attracting low level of vibrations. Change your environment to change your vibrations. Thrive with nature. When surrounded with natural environment, we tend to stay more alive

The second secret is, ‘Your choice of THOUGHTS’. Human Mind is complex and pure. You can achieve whatever you want in life with its help. The only condition applied is; you have to nurture your mind like a garden. You have to keep it clean and beautiful, blossoming with the fragrance of divine thoughts.

Many a times, unknowingly we fall into the lower chamber of our vibrations and start thinking about vulnerability of the situations. We fall prey to overthinking and attract low level of vibrations. Instead of cursing the situations, we faced or are facing if we change our thought process and think “Life just responding to my vibrations. How can I achieve freedom from my negative thoughts?”

The answer is By MEDITATION: Art of focusing on the PRESENT MOMENT. I am taking deep breaths. I am inhaling Positive Vibrations and exhaling Negative one. I am focusing on this moment. Neither on past nor on future. My focus is on the present moment. I am observing my thoughts without being connected to it”

says the Sensei Sandeep Desai

The Mumbai-based Sensei has a vision of promoting the lesser known but immensely beneficial martial art among a wider mass of people. Using his strong foundation and years of rigorous practice in the art, the Sensei hopes to bring more balance to a frenzied world through his teaching.

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