The Delhi-Duo invented, WALKIE-MOBIE charger; charges a mobile phone with the foot-steps of its user!

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A brilliant way to reduce the Carbon Foot-prints by your own foot-steps with the WALKIE-MOBIE charger invented by Anand and Mohak from Delhi. It allows you to generate your own electricity, by converting the kinetic energy of your foot-steps to electric energy that CHARGES your MOBILE PHONE!

The duo started their journey four years back; while brainstorming for a project they came across this brilliant idea. With the support of their families and school Mount Carmel they turned this idea into reality. They rejected two proto-types and came up with the final proto-type within three month, costing INR 2,000. Bulk production shall reduce the cost to INR 500, per unit. For a good-cause, the duo wants to keep the cost economic and affordable for common man.

“While building it four years ago, we noticed how people from all age groups, especially the youth, were hooked on to their phones 24×7. We wanted to make a device that could be marketed in the long run, a product that would have some actual use. So we thought, why not give them an incentive while keeping them fit and increasing their love for the outdoors?” says Mohak

“When we were brainstorming for the project we came across stories of how a country abroad used electricity generated by the footsteps of commuters to light up the work stations and platforms. It motivated us to think—why don’t we use a concept like this that could help individuals generate electricity for themselves, while also helping them to stay fit by walking? Another source of inspiration was the idea of how individuals could reduce their carbon footprint by turning to a sustainable way of generating electricity.” says Anand.

The device operates on the principle of Electromagnetic Induction. The components of the charger include a dynamo and a buffer mechanism. This mechanism rotates the dynamo to produce the electricity needed to charge the mobile phone, with the compression and relaxation caused by the heels of the user’s feet. When we walk, our heels compress and relax, as they touch the ground and lift. The device uses this energy to charge your phone.

While Mohak is pursuing BTech from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Delhi, Anand is doing the same at the Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai.  The youngsters are to upgrade this innovation, with a compact and feasible model, with an objective to launch it in the market in a year or two.

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