‘Indic Renaissance: Soft-Power to Leverage Economic Prosperity’ with Hari Kiran Vadlamani

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Hari Kiran Vadlamani, a Social Entrepreneur and founder of Indic Academy, is on a mission to bring about an intellectual, cultural, and spiritual renaissance in India through Soft-power. “Soft power is the ability to attract and co-opt, rather than coerce” a concept coined down by Joseph Nye, the American Political Scientist and Professor of Harvard University.

Four C’s that integrate to comprise the four pillars of soft-power are: Curated Culture: India offers a large number of cultural experiences. Care: India is prosperous in providing Holistic Ayurveda Health care. Consciousness: derived from spirituality and yoga. Craft: India is a MECCA of art, crafts and designs

The Global Trade Body NICE: Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises, consisting all enterprises around the world that are directly or indirectly linked to soft-power; promises to serve as the link between the enterprises and the Government. The motive is to Leverage soft power as a resource and as a means of economic prosperity. Functioning to increase job opportunities, observe economic growth, analyze strength, advocate changes in policy and spread awareness; this initiative is first of a kind to incubate a Trade Body based on soft-power.

“Soft-Power 30, a soft-power index of Portland Communications, provide a statistical metrics ranking of countries based on score of their soft-powers. India is not included in this list; although whole world consumes Indian Culture. If we take concerted action, we shall be in top-3 till 2030.” says Hari Kiran Vadlamani

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